• Cartier launches the new jewelry collection “Amulette”, symbolizing that everything goes well and dreams come true

    Cartier has launched a new series of 2018 Cartier jewelry replica that is inspired by the ancient Chinese traditional accessories of longevity (also known as Ruyi Lock). The design of the Amulette series uses a large number of Chinese ancient legendary elements. Through the exquisite jewelry inlaid by French craftsmen, the Chinese traditional culture is hand-made.

    Cartier Jewelry Shop-Jewelifes.com
    Cartier Jewelry Shop-Jewelifes.com

    The inspiration of Mr. Chen Ruilin, creative director of Cartier jewelry, with his long life lock as an image began when he appreciated ancient Chinese art works and pictures, and he noticed that Amulette is a common traditional ornament and is worn by both men and women in the Qing Dynasty. Especially popular in further investigation revealed that behind the ornaments that are deeply rooted in the people’s hearts, there are actually very rich.

    Since the longevity lock is a lock, it has the symbolism of peace and protection. In ancient China, the shape of really 18k yellow gold Cartier amulette necklace replica is also reminiscent of the magical grass. According to legend, this grass has mysterious power. Amulette’s image often appears in various traditional artworks and handicrafts. And Amulette is the pronunciation from the wishful, symbolizes that all the best, the dream comes true, carrying the hope that everything is easy and smooth, expressing hope for a better life and things.

    Cartier amulette necklace wholesale in jewelifes.com
    Cartier amulette necklace wholesale in jewelifes.com

    Cartier Amulette series includes a limited edition necklace, bracelet, ring, earrings. Cartier amulette pendant replica can be opened and removed, and equipped with nine kinds of optional wear, global limited release only 8. Mr. Chen pointed out that the Cartier Amulette series embodies Cartier’s most exquisite jewelry making process. The structure of traditional long-term locks is extremely complicated, and the way to unlock them is also very particular. Creating a series of pieces of the Cartier Amulette series has a very strict requirement on the construction process. Mr. Chen and Cartier jewelry craftsmen spent a total of more than a year together. To reproduce such an exquisite design perfectly.

    The Cartier Amulette collection includes necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings, all carefully crafted in 18K white gold and inlaid with E or F grades of color diamonds and rubies, inlaid in full paved or semi-paved. The series upholds that the cheap Cartier jewelry brand has always paid attention to every detail of every piece of work, and each piece is a masterpiece.

  • New Cartier amulette necklace for timeless beauty

    Sometimes, just a few seconds, momentary inspiration, will lead to some special stories. The brand new Cartier amulette necklace replica was inspired by a coincidence: On the 1st, in the process of repairing a necklace, Cartier’s goldsmith stumbled upon the unexpected effect of sunlight reflecting on the fake Cartier jewelry. This discovery quickly inspired them and decided to be a dazzling necklace. Thus, the Cartier amulette necklace, which combines modern design and traditional craftsmanship, was born.

    Cartier Jewelry Shop-Jewelifes.com
    Cartier Jewelry Shop-Jewelifes.com

    According to cheap Cartier jewelry production tradition, no matter if it is a design concept or a design sketch, it must go through numerous attempts. But this time, it is different from the past.

    Cartier amulette necklace has a new look because of a chance. At that time, Cartier’s goldsmith was repairing a necklace that had been nicked because of the safe door. When the sun shines into the studio, the dent reflects the dazzling light, so that the perfect light effect makes the goldsmiths marvel. So they decided to copy this effect onto a brand new cheap Cartier necklace. After many experiments and design adjustments, and with the help of a novel winding technique, they finally created this new and glitzy Cartier Amulette series of amulet necklaces.

    Cartier amulette necklace wholesale in jewelifes.com
    Cartier amulette necklace wholesale in jewelifes.com

    Cartier amulette necklace wholesale, with dazzling, lithographed independent diamonds, diamonds are set in gold; this necklace is even more charming. Several lengths of platinum woven chains of different lengths are randomly and lightly intertwined to create a peculiar and vivid effect.

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