The Cartier Collection records the most beautiful art history of the 20th century

The prelude to the art deco

In the 1920s, mechanical aesthetics became the mainstream of aesthetics, and the decorative art style began to prevail in jewelry. Thus, the simple geometric composition and bright self-confinement of the eyelashes appeared in the jewels of this period. They swept away the complex styles before the show, revealing the rigorous and steady two styles full of modernity. In fact, as early as 1904, these Art Deco style jewels have now been drafted by Cartier jewelry replica without a planner. The rhombic brooch designed is still regarded as a classic. Square, round, diamond and other geometric lines are intertwined, and the combination of black steel, platinum, ruby ​​and diamond creates an unprecedented modern texture.

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Inspired by the East!

While the European and American Empires expanded to the world, they also brought ancient civilizations far away from the East back to the West. The third generation successors of Cartier, Louis, Piare and Jacques also travelled throughout the East, bringing a strong oriental touch to 18k replica Cartier jewelry. Eyes: Ancient Egypt’s gods and plant motifs, Persian medieval miniatures, Indian traditional gems and crafts, and Chinese Buddhas, dragons, and kylin have all become sources of inspiration for jewelry. Oriental-style materials such as corals and emeralds have also been introduced into the design, the collision of various cultures has made the jewelry of this period a proud scene of prosperity.

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Cartier love bracelet, 18k gold, buy in

Praise the wonderful naturalism

The outbreak of the Second World War, the brutal war shook the entire society. People were immersed in the grief of displaced people and loss of relatives but were unable to change the facts of life. The solace of seeking the spiritual world became the only way out. At this time, the naturalistic trend of thought came into being, nature has become the ultimate refuge for humans’, or the fresh or lovely flora and fauna map shines. The “Cage Bird” brooches stimulated the resonance of the French people with their longing for freedom. The Cheetah brooch, which has become the symbol of Cartier fake 18k gold love ring, shows the ambition of women’s continued expansion.

At the same time, the flowers and jewelry that had been popular since the Victorian period were re-entered into history. stage. The woman seeks balance between wild animals and soft flowers, accompanied by the emergence of crocodile cheap Cartier panthere necklace and butterfly brooch. Orchids, wild roses, and chrysanthemums also frequently appear on noble brooch with realism, and are carved in three dimensions. state. fake van cleef & arpels necklace, cartier bracelet replica for the cheap van cleef & arpels jewelry and replica cartier jewelry buyer. Also have the dior sunglasses wholesale

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